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Common questions, but ones that could frustrate you if you had to find all the answers on your own, like:

  • Which bank is currently offering the best mortgage option?
  • What is the current lowest interest rate?
  • Should I choose fix, float and do combination of both?
  • Will there be break fees and are there any options to avoid them?
  • and many more other questions ……💭

When taking out a mortgage of several hundred thousand dollars to millions of dollars, even a fraction of a percent will make a lot of difference in what you save if mortgage is structured in best way possible, or you can lose, it if not. We deal with most banks and major lenders in the country. We’ll help you find the best possible mortgage with best interest rates and one that best suits your situation.

Hear it from our valuable client - William & Akanesi Tuilotolava

We absolutely love hearing stories like this from our valued clients. We work smarter and harder everyday to help empower our clients shape up their financial plans and goals to achieve their dreams. Watch this short video to know all about how their journey started from our consultation to getting into their second home within their 4 years with SWIFT Mortgages Ltd.

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