Tsungai Marowa

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Our journey at Swift started with Ranjana Singh. She has been extremely helpful with our situation that was very complex as we co-owned properties with family members. After approaching the banks it seems impossible to get a big loan to afford a house we had in mind. After meeting with Ranjana and having an initial meeting with her our dream seemed reachable and plausible. She related with us on a very personal level, straightaway I felt a special connection with her, something that I couldn’t get from any bank. I liked that she listened about what we were trying to achieve as a family and it worked in our favour that she is also a financial advisor. Ranjana demonstrated great enthusiasm and confidence with our case and how to do it all. Her confidence helped us get ours. She gave us sound advise best suited to our case and we managed to separate our mortgages in a way we never imagined possible which allowed us to borrow more money than we ever imagined. She is this superhero we longed for and didn’t know where to find until we met her by word of mouth. She has helped us so much and we are very satisfied with her work and the outcome we got. Ranjana connected with us in a respectful way and without judging us but educated us with patience and most importantly got us the money we needed. I personally recommend her. She will work so hard to get you the funds to buy your home. She gets things done.