Naseza Begam

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Ranjana Singh your hard work has brought a lot of gain to us. We appreciate your hard work.

It was a pleasure to sit in your space and share our journey, needs and preference. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, you are an inspiration to us. Thank you for treating us like family and giving us the best advice. We are hooked for sure GURL- our adviser forever. You’re a ONE STOP SHOP re finance. You make the impossible possible.

You played a big role for the success we have today from your banking days to now. We have followed you from ANZ to Swift Mortgages, it is due to your excellent customer service, professional ethics and most importantly passion to deliver.
The success we are enjoying today is because of you. I really appreciate your hard work and dedication.

May the success that has come your way today lead you to a bigger achievement in the years to come.