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Stellar Customer Service – Review for Ranjana Singh

In April 2015, Ranjana Singh became my personal banker at the ANZ Bank in Manukau Branch. Since then, till today she has provided me with a stellar customer service.

Ranjana continued as my personal banker and later got promoted in various roles within the ANZ Bank and continued providing her stellar service to me and to my family.

Ranjana has very good interpersonal communication skill. She has a smiling personality; she is always humble and patient and reaches out to her customers in a timely manner.

Ranjana is also an empathic listener, e.g., during the loss of my dearest one, Ranjana was extremely supportive with all the necessary requirements and provided variety of options with my finances.

This whole process took time in making changes before finalizing our decisions, during this time she was so patient, and she demonstrated that she was knowledgeable and thoughtful. She is also flexible in accommodating changes for her customers.

Ranjana is an efficient, timely communicator and a dedicated Mortgage Advisor and is currently operating with Swift Mortgages Ltd.

Her promotions demonstrate her progress, in 2015, she was my Personal Banker, in 2016 she became a Senior Personal Banker, in 2018 she became an ANZ Mobile Mortgage Manager. In 2019, Ranjana joined Swift Mortgages Ltd as a Mortgage Advisor.

Presently I’m consulting Ranjana with changes to my current home loan and again she is here to listen and offer options.

I highly recommend Ranjana Singh to all the home buyers.