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From the first conversation we had with Izaz, the most obvious characteristic of Izaz we observed was that he cares: He’s interested in your story – where you’ve been, where you’re headed. When you speak with Izaz, you have his complete attention – something that is very underrated in business. He listens patiently, gives you his time and his undivided attention. He’s honest and shares the ‘hard truths’ you need to hear – he’s a no-nonsense kind of person – something else that’s highly underrated in business. Straight-talking – one more of Izaz’s great qualities!

Our ask from a mortgage perspective might’ve been like any other, but the context in which that ask was being made was far from ordinary – it was neither straightforward, nor simple. We were dealing with a complex, agonising situation, and things were drawn out over a few years due to circumstances beyond our immediate control. Over time, we approached Izaz numerous times for either getting a new conditional approval from the bank or getting the same approval extended. Our integrity or motivation was never once questioned, nor any frustration shown when we needed to approach him several times without any obvious outcome in sight.

The way in which Izaz calmly and collectedly dealt with our situation by staying positive and reassuring was in stark contrast to a different renowned Auckland broker who said we were wasting their time and questioned “do you understand how much effort it is to get this approval through the bank? And frankly, the amount you’re looking for doesn’t get us much”. Or yet another broker who wanted to be paid $1,500 in cash for him to even submit our application to the bank – yes, straight-up cash demand to “help” us.

Izaz was extremely empathetic to our situation and worked with us to support us through our trying times. He was positive, supportive, pragmatic, and professional. Never once did Izaz make us feel like we were a burden or that he’s doing us a favour by picking up a call or answering our questions – even if asked for the fifth time. It’s easy to say, ‘of course he should be nice, that’s his job – he’s making money…’, but business is all about people, and it’s easy to favour ‘easy’ applications and side-line ‘difficult’ applicants like ours because the ‘return’ seems unfavourable. Izaz was human first. His service was exemplary; he brought his empathetic, honest, kind self, and professionalism to every discussion, and he went above-and-beyond to deliver on a promise he made to us. He’s a great broker, but above anything he’s a genuine, lovely guy. His word is his bond.

The options for mortgage brokers in Auckland are abundant. If you’d like to be treated as more than another transaction, we’d most definitely recommend Izaz and Swift Mortgages.

We wish Izaz and the team every success in their future endeavours.