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It’s always an amazing experience helping our valued clients get in their dream home. For us that is also the start of a everlasting relationship with the family. As a way of forging that everlasting relationship and saying thank you to our valued clients, we plant a lemon tree in their yard.

Planting the lemon tree is all about building that trust with our clients that we will be there right with them. As the lemon tree grows, our relationship grows. Planting tree and anticipating fruits in time to come also symbolizes that investment made today is going to bear fruits in time to come.

In this way we are also able to give back, in a very small way, to our community and environment.

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Our Mission

Over the years, we have given our time and support to the local community helping
out in however way possible, through soccer, supporting an orphanage in Fiji and by
supporting the numerous events organised by charity organisations.

We are so proud of our clients helping us promote Go Green. This simply motivates
us never to stop.

Invest Today, Enjoy Tomorrow

go green 7
go green 10

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long time ago.
We are very proud of initiating something towards promoting green.

A tree that will provide shelter and fruits in years to come This also signifies that the investment that our clients have done now will bear fruits that whole family will be proud of in years to come.

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